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Next week I will be hitting the road back to London where I will be available for sessions from a luxurious central London apartment. I have decided to drive down, so that I can bring my strap-on sling and frame, so I will be able to offer my Strap-On Special sessions whilst I am in town!

For those of you who are unfamiliar, these very popular sessions are two hours long, for £200, and are just pure strap-on play from start to finish! I will have my large selection of dildos with me and will delight in going to town on you addicted little buttsluts the whole time I'm there!

Full details and terms and conditions can be found on my website, here.

I will also be offering my Caning Specials from the same location - one hour of pure caning (or however long you can take!) for £80! Full details here.

For those of you with broader interests, I will also be available for BDSM sessions, both from the central London domestic location and from the very well equipped dungeon at the new Murder …

Testimonial From slave s

I recently received this testimonial after a particularly enjoyable traditional domestic discipline session, with a strict governess role play (one of my favourites!):

"The idea of being caned by a statuesque dominant woman, because SHE enjoys caning has long been a fantasy. That she should have eyes as blue and sparking as sapphires, skin that looks as delicious as Devon Cream and long red hair is heaven; and that she might be wearing vintage style underwear and high heels make such a scenario, well, nirvana.
So it was that when I came across Goddess Sophia's site I could not resist. Especially, attractive was the thought of submitting to her 'caning special'. So contact was made and a date set. Then, I confess, I lost my bottle to being strapped down for a caning, at her mercy, on a first session. So, I changed our meeting to a 'standard' session, in the hope that Mistress might be more flexible. I have to say that I needn't have worried, although as I sha…

Testimonial From slave CD

I just came cross this testimonial from slave CD about our session in December last year! Enjoy...
"I do not belong to the fetish 'scene', nor do I consider myself a weirdo, but now and again I just love the thrill, and rush of being whipped by a beautiful mistress.
After contacting the mistress who I session with, I was really disappointed that our timings didn't match, and I simply could not get in to see her. Reluctantly, I began searching for a new venue and mistress. I gingerly emailed a couple and waited to see if they could fit me in. Whilst I was waiting for a response, I came across the website of Goddess Sophia. The website was very professional, she sessioned from an absolutely stunning dungeon and was herself absolutely stunning in her gallery photos. Mistress Sophia got back to me very quickly with news that the dungeon in question was booked out all day, the only day I could make a session. However, Mistress Sophia informed me that she could actually meet…

Next London Dates Announcement

I am once again boarding the train and heading south to London where I will spend a few glorious days holed up in a dungeon sessioning with all you southern subbies!
I arrive mid-afternoon on Thursday 28th September, and am available until Tuesday 3rd October. I am available for sessions every day from 11am to 11pm (some flexibility with start/end times) and will be available for sessions in Walthamstow and Swiss Cottage, depending on availability of the premises and my whereabouts on the day.
Those of you who have sessioned with me before (and those of you who follow me on social media but haven’t yet plucked up the courage to attend a real time session 😉) will know about my passion and talent for all things CP - spanking, caning, whipping, etc. - I love it all and am always delighted to indulge in my passion with old and new subs alike.
Strap-on play is also a particular favourite, and I have been a lot busier with strap-on sessions since I joined Goddess Cleo and the rest of the …

£80 Caning Special Now PERMANENT

Over the course of my years on the scene I have built a reputation as an expert with the cane, and it is definitely something I have a lot of passion and talent for. My canings are hard (within your limits, which I will enjoy pushing - just a little bit!) and very accurate. You will leave my premises with a set of perfectly parallel lines across your throbbing buttocks with no stray whacks to your legs or back (which is always protected with a pad, just in case).

I have a formidable collection of canes from thin, whippy, junior dragon canes all the way up to prison specification Singapore canes. I also have a few more unusual canes made from materials such as delrin, and a cane made out of three canes bound together in a sleeve.

At the beginning of August I ran a promotion for a week offering a reduced rate on caning sessions so I could indulge in one of my favourite activities as much as possible over my birthday. It proved so popular I have decided to make it permanent: …

Testimonial from slave S

A wonderful visit to the most elegant and assertive professional Dominatrix

Goddess Sophia was kind enough to spend the time in reading my rather long email whereas I expressed an interest in Caning and the removal of my freedom to masturbate. It was upon Monday the 31st August at precisely 17.52 whereas I received an email from Goddess Sophia, forbidding any further touching of myself. Two days later I found myself heading to Harrogate to seek a little help, guidance and encouragement in fulfilling my desire to become an obedient submissive and adhere to Goddess Sophia’s ruling.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by a very polite, articulate and beautiful lady. Goddess Sophia was dressed in a fitted white blouse, a fitted black skirt with high heels, creating a very assertive appearance. I was politely asked to follow Goddess upstairs whereas I had my first opportunity to admire Goddess Sophia’s perfect figure.

Following a brief discussion upon my likes and dislikes, I was politely directed …

NEXT LONDON DATES: September 2nd - 6th

After my birthday visit to London ended up being more partying with my friends than sessioning, I am announcing a second visit at the beginning of September so those of you who didn't manage to snag one of my very limited appointments last time have a second shot at doing so.

I will arrive in London on the 2nd September, and will be in attendance that evening at Club DVS where I will be a House Domme. I'm very excited about being involved with this excellent fetish night and hope I will see more than a few of you there. Don't be afraid to come and say hello, I don't bite...especially if you offer me a drink!

From the 3rd until the 6th I will be available for private sessions as well as double sessions with Mistress Morrigan and Master Dominic. As always, a deposit will be required to secure your booking and spaces are limited so book early! Contact me directly to discuss your interests and make an appointment.

Second Birthday Month Celebration Offer

I got a bit caught up in all the excitement and partying that happened over my birthday and coinciding trip to London that I got a bit left behind in posting the second of my birthday month offers! I shall probably end up extending this into September so I can fit all four weeks in, as I am nothing if not a woman of my word.

So, second up, for those of you who (literally) have the cojones for it; BALL BUSTING - August 21st - 27th. The deal and conditions: 30 minutes, £50, in a domestic setting in Harrogate. You pay upfront and there are no refunds. With 48 hours notice you may reschedule your appointment.

I absolutely love kicking balls and am more than happy to allow my foot to connect with your balls with the full force of my strong, horse rider's leg, behind it! That said, all limits are respected (though of course they will be pushed ever so slightly!), and if you are new to ball busting or have a low pain threshold, I will control my kicks and knees so that they are at a mana…

Mistress' Next London Visit

I am very excited to announce that I will be once again in London and available for sessions from August 11th until the 16th, my last appointment on the 16th must be finished by 6pm.

This visit will be my fist time sessionning from brand new, beautifully equipped chambers just 5 minutes by taxi from Walthamstow Central station.

The more attentive among you will know that this visit also coincides with my birthday on the 15th, so session availability is going to be more limited than usual as I have quite a few social engagements to attend. I therefore recommend that you book early or risk missing out.

Bookings are done directly through me as always, using the contact details found here. Deposits will be taken to secure appointments for new slaves.

My Birthday And Special August Celebration Offer

The more loyal among you will know that it's my birthday on August 15th and ALL of you should know just how much I love to give a good caning. Throughout my birthday month I will be running a series of special offers so I can be sure to get the absolute maximum enjoyment out of this most special of months.

The first of these will be 1 hour caning sessions for £80. These sessions must be paid in full upfront (non refundable but you may change your appointment with 48 hours notice) and will take place at a domestic location in Harrogate. The offer does not extend to judicial canings, but I will cane you as hard as you can take it (and maybe I'll push you just a little bit!). You can choose to be restrained on my Fetters whipping bench or bent over the arm of the sofa, and my full range of canes will be on hand. I have a large collection of canes ranging from whippy school canes through to dragon canes and Singapore prison canes, as well as some more unusual implements such as de…

A Recent Session

I have just received this write up of a session I enjoyed with my slavegirl last week, and because I'm all about sharing the love, I am posting it here for you to enjoy:

"I booked a hotel for Mistress and I for a change of scenery. I arrive early, the hotel is grand and opulent. Other guests bark snobbishly at bag carriers as I make my way to our suite.

After a quick shower and room set up, there's a knock at the door; I am met by Mistress. She is drop dead gorgeous with waist length flowing red hair. At 5'9" she towers over my 5'2" frame and calmly commands authority.

I welcome her in and pop down to the bar for an ice bucket and glasses for the fizz i have purchased. I return to find Mistress sitting on the bed holding a complimentary hotel slipper. She wastes no time beckoning me over, "are you wearing knickers?" she asks, "Yes, Mistress", I reply, "well, pull them down and bend over my knee" she commands. I push my knicke…

Testimonial From A Slut In Waiting

I very much enjoyed testing the limits of this slut's capacity to accommodate my hefty appendages last week, and today he sent me this review of our session. I would say it's very accurate on the whole, however there are far more than four dildos in my bag of tricks! Of course, he will come to know them all intimately over the coming months...

"I have known about Goddess Sophia for awhile but never did contact her for some unknown reason but last week sent her an e-mail, to great surprise I received one back within minites and before I new it was speaking on the phone and not too long after was on my way.
After arriving I phoned and was given the address and soon after was entering her lair, there is no doubt about it she is a goddess with a lovely accent. After a brief chat about what would happen in the session which was bondage with strapon I was told to get undressed and bend over her bench on my elbows, hooded, hands secured and tied very expertly and tightly secured t…

London Tour Dates - July 2017

I am very pleased to announce that I will soon be hitting the road again to head back to London where I will be available for sessions with subs old and new. I will be in the capital from July 6th to July 11th inclusive.

Sessions will be available every day from the 7th July onwards; on the 6th I am excited to announce that I will be a special guest Mistress at both of Goddess Cleo's Mega Strap On Parties! These very special parties will be attended by an exclusive group of London's most beautiful Mistresses, who will all be bringing their favourite strap on cocks with them ready to use and abuse the attending sluts in whatever way takes their fancy. Expect a lots of gang bangs and spit roasts from the ladies, and if you're lucky, a bull Master might make an appearance for those of you who are willing... These prestigious events will take place at 2pm and 7pm on July 6th at a London location which will be announced in due course. For more details and to apply for attendanc…

London Dates

I am very happy to announce I will be making a flying visit to the capital next week and have limited availability for sessions on Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th May. I am already fairly well booked up with my old regulars, so availability for sessions is limited to the following times:

Tuesday 16th: 10am until 5pm (last appointment at 4pm)
Wednesday 17th: 10am until 12pm (finished by 1pm) then 7pm until 10pm.

Sessions will be held at Murder Mile Studios in Clapton, east London, and double sessions are available with me and Mistress Morrigan and Master Dominic.

Advance booking is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment. Contact me to discuss booking a session.

Mistress/Switch Olympia Available For Double Sessions In Glasgow This Week

I'm very pleased to announce that my very close friend Mistress/Switch Olympia is available to join me for double sessions in Glasgow this Thursday and Friday.

Mistress/Switch Olympia

She is relatively new to the professional world of BDSM, but has been active on the fetish scene for many years and enjoys a wide variety of play as a Domme, especially foot worship and trampling, bondage, and spanking and CP. As one of my oldest friends, we share an excellent rapport, so any subs who enjoy being mocked and humilated by beautiful women need look no further! She switches for spanking and CP, so those subs that book a session with us can be punished by both of us, can watch while I spank her, and can join me in spanking her.

Mistress/Switch Olympia
This is a very limited opportunity, available this Thursday and Friday (April 6th and 7th) from late morning until evening. Be aware that Mistress Olympia is available for double sessions with me ONLY. If you would like to enquire about …

Glasgow Tour Dates - 6th and 7th April 2017

I'm very pleased to announce that I will be returning to Scotland next week and will be available for sessions at Abstrakt Me Studios all day on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th April.

I had such a fantastic time on my visit last year, and this time promises to be even better! Double sessions will be available both days with me and Mistress Lilith, and those subs who have had the privilege of such an experience in the past will attest that it is like no other!

Advance booking is strongly recommended to avoid disappointed, and all new subs should note that a deposit will be required to secure your appointment. Contact me directly to discuss your session.

A Girly Night In

I always intended to use this blog to write about what I get up to in my sessions every week, and of late it has been almost completely neglected save to post my tour dates as and when I have them. Therefore, I am going to endeavour to pick one session each week to blog about. Here's the one I've chosen for this week.

On Saturday afternoon I received a call from a sub I had had a brief email exchange with, asking if I was available for a five hour session that evening. By an absolute miracle, I did actually have a rare Saturday night with no plans and the Leeds chamber was also not booked out. The odds of those two things happening simultaneously are very slim indeed! I packed my bags and set off to the dungeon.

It was the perfect session for a Saturday night, when my sub arrived we had a glass of champagne and a chat, and then it was time to get ready for the fun ahead. I selected a uniform in gorgeous stretch satin with lace up detail on the front and a big bow on the back f…

Manchester Tour Dates - March 2017

Manchester sessions available March 7th and 8th 2017.

I'm very pleased to announce that I will once again be visiting Manchester's Fetish Emporium and will be available for sessions in the afternoon of March 7th (12 - 6pm) and all day on March 8th.

For those unfamiliar, The Fetish Emporium is a beautifully equipped multi-room location which lends itself beautifully to whatever scenario your pervy mind can conjure up!

Contact me to discuss your requirements for potential sessions, and bear in mind that a deposit will be required to secure your booking.

Manchester Tour Dates Announcement

A little bit last minute, but my very dear friend Mistress Morrigan and I will be in Manchester next week on Wednesday the 18th and Thursday 19th of January and available for individual and double Domme sessions at The Fetish Emporium.

If you are interested in booking a session, you may contact me on 07929 787 988 or Mistress Morrigan on 07814 725 812.

As always when I am on tour, a deposit will be required to secure your appointment.