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Sissy Saturday And Strap-On Sunday Part 1

This weekend just gone turned out to be very entertaining indeed, and I had been expecting a fairly quiet one; although of course those are the times that always seem to turn out to be the most exciting!  My first session was with a CP enthusiast who really wanted to experience the birch; and of course I was only too happy to oblige!  My birch had been soaking away in the kitchen sink for a good couple of hours before the session, so it was nice and flexible, and it's now sufficiently worn in that all the tiny little dried leaf buds which are all over new birch twigs have come off so there's no chance of one flying off and hitting me in the eye mid-beating!  I had an absolutely wonderful time giving him a good sound birching; I love the way that the punishment builds with the birch - a single swat with it is nothing compared to one from a cane, for example, but the stinging/burning sensation steadily builds with each impact and as it does the skin turns a magnificent shade of …

Servitude And Torture. And Leeds Tour Dates.

I love having my slaves stay overnight.  For me, it really makes the whole experience so much more fulfilling and real.  I love being able to relax and watch TV or work on my laptop while they cook, clean, or just wait patiently in the cage, then when the mood takes me to indulge in some play; they're there immediately - ready and willing.  I have many virtues, but patience is not one of them!  You can imagine, then, how pleased I was to have one of my loyal subjects at my beck and call for 24 hours earlier this week.  After we relaxed with a few glasses of champagne (I was feeling nice so allowed him the use of a glass instead of the dog bowl), I had him cook dinner then he spent a very enjoyable (for me, at least...) hour or two on the business end of my favourite single tail.  Once I'd had enough of whipping him, I was feeling ready for bed, so he was allowed to use the bathroom then I shackled him to the wall and left him there for the night.

The next morning, I got up and…


I'm excited to announce my first tour dates to a dungeon outside London.  I will be in Yorkshire and offering sessions from Mistress Davina's premises in Leeds on:

August 27th, 28th, and 29th, and September 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Contact me to arrange an appointment, a deposit will be required to secure your booking.

My Weekend: Fetish Shopping And The Finest Bloody Mary Ever To Have Passed My Lips

I have been coveting several things I'd like for my dungeon on various websites for some time now, and seeing as the weather was so nice and I had a couple of days free of appointments, my dear friend Master Dominic and I decided to spend the weekend on a fetish shopping mission.  First on the list was Keep Burning's Cock & Skull dildo, so on Saturday afternoon we went to the shop in Old Street, only to find that some fucker had got there first and bought the only one!  Not wanting to leave empty handed, I found a little latex cock whip, some mini Thai nipple sticks, and a packet of very useful-sounding fisting gloves.  Satisfied, we adjourned to a nearby bar for some refreshments where I discovered that the Thai nipple sticks were too short to have enough give to ever be able to fit even the smallest nipple through, and the "fisting" gloves were, in fact, just bog standard latex surgical gloves that had been taken out of the box, repacked into bags of 20, rename…