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Testimonial from slave S

A wonderful visit to the most elegant and assertive professional Dominatrix

Goddess Sophia was kind enough to spend the time in reading my rather long email whereas I expressed an interest in Caning and the removal of my freedom to masturbate. It was upon Monday the 31st August at precisely 17.52 whereas I received an email from Goddess Sophia, forbidding any further touching of myself. Two days later I found myself heading to Harrogate to seek a little help, guidance and encouragement in fulfilling my desire to become an obedient submissive and adhere to Goddess Sophia’s ruling.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by a very polite, articulate and beautiful lady. Goddess Sophia was dressed in a fitted white blouse, a fitted black skirt with high heels, creating a very assertive appearance. I was politely asked to follow Goddess upstairs whereas I had my first opportunity to admire Goddess Sophia’s perfect figure.

Following a brief discussion upon my likes and dislikes, I was politely directed …

NEXT LONDON DATES: September 2nd - 6th

After my birthday visit to London ended up being more partying with my friends than sessioning, I am announcing a second visit at the beginning of September so those of you who didn't manage to snag one of my very limited appointments last time have a second shot at doing so.

I will arrive in London on the 2nd September, and will be in attendance that evening at Club DVS where I will be a House Domme. I'm very excited about being involved with this excellent fetish night and hope I will see more than a few of you there. Don't be afraid to come and say hello, I don't bite...especially if you offer me a drink!

From the 3rd until the 6th I will be available for private sessions as well as double sessions with Mistress Morrigan and Master Dominic. As always, a deposit will be required to secure your booking and spaces are limited so book early! Contact me directly to discuss your interests and make an appointment.

Second Birthday Month Celebration Offer

I got a bit caught up in all the excitement and partying that happened over my birthday and coinciding trip to London that I got a bit left behind in posting the second of my birthday month offers! I shall probably end up extending this into September so I can fit all four weeks in, as I am nothing if not a woman of my word.

So, second up, for those of you who (literally) have the cojones for it; BALL BUSTING - August 21st - 27th. The deal and conditions: 30 minutes, £50, in a domestic setting in Harrogate. You pay upfront and there are no refunds. With 48 hours notice you may reschedule your appointment.

I absolutely love kicking balls and am more than happy to allow my foot to connect with your balls with the full force of my strong, horse rider's leg, behind it! That said, all limits are respected (though of course they will be pushed ever so slightly!), and if you are new to ball busting or have a low pain threshold, I will control my kicks and knees so that they are at a mana…