Testimonial From slave s

I recently received this testimonial after a particularly enjoyable traditional domestic discipline session, with a strict governess role play (one of my favourites!):

"The idea of being caned by a statuesque dominant woman, because SHE enjoys caning has long been a fantasy. That she should have eyes as blue and sparking as sapphires, skin that looks as delicious as Devon Cream and long red hair is heaven; and that she might be wearing vintage style underwear and high heels make such a scenario, well, nirvana.

So it was that when I came across Goddess Sophia's site I could not resist. Especially, attractive was the thought of submitting to her 'caning special'. So contact was made and a date set. Then, I confess, I lost my bottle to being strapped down for a caning, at her mercy, on a first session. So, I changed our meeting to a 'standard' session, in the hope that Mistress might be more flexible. I have to say that I needn't have worried, although as I shall come on to Goddess Sophia is by far the strictest and most demanding mistress I have visited (and I have visited a few).

At the start of our session Mistress greeted me dressed in a figure hugging dress. I was promptly invited into her chamber and to sit down. Keen to get a better idea of my interests, Mistress asked me to set out what I was looking for from our session. Now, I consider myself a confident person who can easily converse especially with the fairer sex. Yet, I froze and found myself struggling to say much. Mistress picked up on this asking if I was intimidated by her, to which all I could respond with was to confirm that I was. I could tell from her smile that she took some comfort in this, but less so, that I could not be more forthcoming in my interests and not given her much to go on.

Ready to go, Mistress sent me to the bathroom to undress and return to her chamber. Having done so and after a few nervous minutes she entered the chamber. Wow... gone was the dress and now she appeared in a vintage style girdle/ corselette, stockings and 5 inch heels. A spectacular image!

Immediately she took control.  I was ordered to kneel, arms behind my back and to keep my eyes down. After a period of discussion (scolding really) I was sent to bend over her spanking bench. Strict instructions were given as to how to hold myself and behave whilst she strapped me down. I was informed that I was to be spanked, receive the hairbrush, tawse and cane and that is exactly what I received. Throughout I was challenged verbally by Mistress and found myself in deep trouble when she visited the bathroom and found that I had been less than careful in the way I had discarded my clothing.

Eventually I was released (only after giving a profuse apology...at the risk of further punishment if not sufficient), I was then allowed to correct my discarded clothing. However, such was the precision of Mistress demands, that I again found myself being strapped down for a further caning, when still I had not properly corrected my clothing or behaved with adequate respect. Now let be clear, this treatment from her was very much in line with my fantasy of a ultra strict governess style mistress. I am a wimp when it comes to the cane, but, such was the skill of Mistress, that not only had she judged exactly the right level of strictness, but despite her strokes being hard, the cane (and the tawse for that matter) were not only bearable, but became enjoyable...well almost!

Satisfied with her efforts (including 12 strokes of  each of the hairbrush and the tawse, 2 dozen strokes of the cane, plus a few extras) I was released and honoured with the opportunity to kiss Mistress' fine spiked stilettos and massage her feet. In return she smothered my face with her feet. Another of my loves is face sitting and it is with hope (not expectation) that maybe on another occasion I will have earned this  honour as a reward.

Anyway, it is excitement and anticipation that I look forward to another session with Goddess Sophia and it is without hesitation that I would now submit to one of her 'caning specials'!  To anyone who wants a truly immersive experience with a beautiful, demanding and experienced domina, especially if you (like she) enjoy corporal punishment (especially caning), then look no further than Goddess Sophia."


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