Testimonial from slave S

A wonderful visit to the most elegant and assertive professional Dominatrix

Goddess Sophia was kind enough to spend the time in reading my rather long email whereas I expressed an interest in Caning and the removal of my freedom to masturbate. It was upon Monday the 31st August at precisely 17.52 whereas I received an email from Goddess Sophia, forbidding any further touching of myself. Two days later I found myself heading to Harrogate to seek a little help, guidance and encouragement in fulfilling my desire to become an obedient submissive and adhere to Goddess Sophia’s ruling.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by a very polite, articulate and beautiful lady. Goddess Sophia was dressed in a fitted white blouse, a fitted black skirt with high heels, creating a very assertive appearance. I was politely asked to follow Goddess upstairs whereas I had my first opportunity to admire Goddess Sophia’s perfect figure.

Following a brief discussion upon my likes and dislikes, I was politely directed to the bathroom, I undressed myself, nervously fumbling with the removal of my clothing and returned to the playroom and awaited Goddess Sophia.

It soon became apparent that Goddess Sophia is a very high class, elegant, courteous, considerate and intelligent professional Lady with a perfect posture. Although I have been a regular visitor to several known and accomplished Mistresses, I felt a little embarrassed to find that my etiquette and manners were significantly lower than Goddess Sophia’s expectations. I found myself been verbally chastised, forced to repeat basic and simple tasks and subjected to an occasional slap across the face. I acknowledge the importance and requirement to learn from my mistakes, and significantly improve both my etiquette and manners.

Goddess Sophia appeared to flourish in mentally and physically tormenting her newly acquired submissive and at ease in her own ability to control and bring her submissive to his knees. It wasn’t long before I found myself tightly strapped down upon Goddess Sophia’s punishment bench. Whereas I was subjected to a very firm hand spanking in preparation for a caning upon my soon to be reddened backside. I began to feel a little fear and apprehension as I watched Goddess Sophia carefully select a suitable cane from her generously stocked array of corporal punishment implements. Goddess Sophia took the time to explain exactly how the caning was to be administered. The caning was administered in a very formal manner, cane strokes were delivered in sets of six with a one minute break between each set, each stroke within the set was delivered immediately after the recipients count and a “Thank You Mistress”. I have never been particularly good with enduring a caning however this was most definitely the best caning I have experienced, six sets of six strokes and after the third set I found myself enjoying the pain. Goddess Sophia is without doubt exceptionally gifted with delivering a good caning, having earlier acknowledged the fact that I can be a wimp, the current condition of my backside is a testament to Goddess Sophia’s expertise.

After 36 strokes of the cane I was released from the punishment bench to quickly finding myself securely shackled and roped to Goddess Sophia’s bondage bench, whereas Goddess introduced me a very innocent looking little implement that she refers to as her Evil stick. Goddess Sophia demonstrated its effectiveness with just a flick upon my shoulder before she announced in a very firm and articulate manner as to exactly upon which part of my body the Evil stick was going to be used and I will soon be made to understand why it is called the Evil stick. I found myself testing the strength of Goddess Sophia’s shackles and ropes as my unfortunate male appendage became the target of this very cruel but effective instrument of pain. Finished off with strategically placed flicks of the Evil stick upon each of my testicles it was needless to say that the swelling and bruising so lovingly applied upon my male appendage by the beautiful Goddess Sophia ensured any short term intention of masturbation had been cruelly but fairly removed. 

My torment continued as I remained tightly secured to Goddess Sophia’s bondage bench, I soon found myself in the unfortunate position of having clamps attached to my nipples. The nipple clamps appeared to grip harder as Goddess Sophia pulled upon the connecting chain of the clamps. Goddess soon became aware that upon her every pull of the chain, my bound male appendage twitched with excitement. Goddess Sophia showed great delight and no mercy in striking my male appendage with her riding crop upon every twitch, it became a game that appeared to offer Goddess Sophia great amusement. Although my nipples soon became unbearably sore and my appendage once again under attack it was such a pleasure to have contributed to Goddess Sophia’s amusement. 

One of my most favourite memories of our session, I was still bound to the bondage bench with my nipples clamped and Goddess Sophia looked directly down upon her unfortunate slave, piercing blue eyes, immaculate makeup, long tied back red hair and the most precious smile from her gorgeous red lips. I soon realised what a lucky slave I was and upon seeing that precious smile I would have happily endured another six strokes of the cane upon my already more than adequately caned backside!

I arrived in Harrogate that afternoon with all the normal stress of everyday life and I left Harrogate with a big smile, a stinging backside, a well punished male appendage and sore nipples but all my everyday stress forgotten. A wonderful session and a wonderful Lady. I feel so lucky as to have met Goddess Sophia and considering it was our first session I would say it was one of my most enjoyable session I have experienced. With the awkwardness of the first session done I can only imagine lots of fun enjoyment for the future.

To describe Goddess Sophia I would say, very classy, intelligent, understanding, courteous, considerate, Beautiful, fair but firm, assertive, cruel, imaginative, fun and a great pleasure to be acquainted.

After our first session I now find myself determined do my very best to both please and entertain Goddess Sophia, I suspect there will be an amount of suffering required upon my part but I’m so intoxicated whilst in the presence of Goddess Sophia that my suffering will become insignificant in relation to Goddess Sophia’s enjoyment and entertainment.

Thank You Goddess Sophia.
Your obedient inferior.


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