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A Rant

Once again life has got very much in the way of my blog! I know a lot of you have been anxiously checking back for the latest updates and have been rewarded with nothing, but as that is exactly how it works in an ideal world of Female Supremacy, I will not apologise. I will, however, be updating this blog once per week (more or less!) from now on, as I do enjoy writing about my life, and I know you enjoy reading about it!

Needless to say, there have been a lot of developments in my world since my last post all those months ago, and I will detail a few of them in upcoming posts, but I received a phone call earlier this week from what professed to be a submissive man which sufficiently annoyed me that it has been playing on my mind since, and has spurred me on to resurrect my blogging habits and in the process hopefully provide the unfortunate few of you who share this scrote's mindset with some much needed education.

A few nights ago I was relaxing on my sofa with a gin and tonic w…