Testimonial From slave CD

I just came cross this testimonial from slave CD about our session in December last year! Enjoy...

"I do not belong to the fetish 'scene', nor do I consider myself a weirdo, but now and again I just love the thrill, and rush of being whipped by a beautiful mistress.

After contacting the mistress who I session with, I was really disappointed that our timings didn't match, and I simply could not get in to see her. Reluctantly, I began searching for a new venue and mistress. I gingerly emailed a couple and waited to see if they could fit me in. Whilst I was waiting for a response, I came across the website of Goddess Sophia. The website was very professional, she sessioned from an absolutely stunning dungeon and was herself absolutely stunning in her gallery photos. Mistress Sophia got back to me very quickly with news that the dungeon in question was booked out all day, the only day I could make a session. However, Mistress Sophia informed me that she could actually meet me for a late session on that said day, fantastic!

My heart was pounding immediately at the thought of meeting such a stunning mistress. The meeting was not for a few days, and mistress Sophia advised as it was the first session, that I email a scenario to play out. This I did, keeping it as brief as possible, but I did ramble on a bit.

The day I question came around. Heart pounding, I met mistress Sophia, dress in a full catsuit and black boots!!!. We chatted for a short period and discussed what I had done previously, and what I would like from the session. I then was shown to some fabulous facilities, told to undress, and wait. 

I was immediately led down to the dungeon. By now my heart was trying to leap out of my chest. I was instructed to kneel. A leather hood was placed on my head. Slowly, draw strings were tightened up, really tight. This felt good. It was completed by a very tight black posture collar, strapped up as hard as it could go. By now I was very, very nervous.

Hands tied up to a bar, my balls were the first target. Tied up very tightly and a little 'introducer' weight added as a teaser of what was to come.

A flogger began to rain down on my back and bottom. This felt really nice, not too harsh, I'm not into the really hard stuff. But this warmed me up very quickly.

Mistress Sophia then began with a long single tail, something that I had noted in my scenario that I really liked. She began to go to town on me. the sound of the whip coming through the air, and then the pain sent me onto another planet. After a very short time my body began to involuntary shake.  It was almost pre-orgasmic. I was amazed that I only had to use the safe word a couple of times. I am not one who can normally take very much. In the mirrored room I could watch the mistress, dressed in a gorgeous catsuit lashing me, wow! what a scene.

I could not believe when the session was up and I almost begged for more. Mistress Sophia did actually have more time and we continued with the whip. lash after lash. I was really feeling it by now. Due to the posture collar, I could not see what marks had been made, but after the session was over I was amazed at what I had been able to take. In parts, my skin was not quite broken but it was certainly bruised, and lash marks were all over me. It sounds ridiculous, but god it felt good.

I urge anyone who has had any thoughts of being whipped to try it out and be at the mercy of Goddess Sophia. She is a brilliant mistress and I look forward to a session with her again in the future." (CD)


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