Second Birthday Month Celebration Offer

I got a bit caught up in all the excitement and partying that happened over my birthday and coinciding trip to London that I got a bit left behind in posting the second of my birthday month offers! I shall probably end up extending this into September so I can fit all four weeks in, as I am nothing if not a woman of my word.

So, second up, for those of you who (literally) have the cojones for it; BALL BUSTING - August 21st - 27th. The deal and conditions: 30 minutes, £50, in a domestic setting in Harrogate. You pay upfront and there are no refunds. With 48 hours notice you may reschedule your appointment.

I absolutely love kicking balls and am more than happy to allow my foot to connect with your balls with the full force of my strong, horse rider's leg, behind it! That said, all limits are respected (though of course they will be pushed ever so slightly!), and if you are new to ball busting or have a low pain threshold, I will control my kicks and knees so that they are at a manageable level for you.

Contact me via my website to arrange your session.


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