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Glasgow Tour Dates - November 23rd, 24th, and 25th 2016

I am excited to announce my first Scottish tour. I have spent time in beautiful Scotland as a tourist but never as a Domme so I can't wait for these dates!

I will be available for sessions on November 23rd, 24th, and 25th at city centre premises Abstrakt.Me Studios. Located very close to Glasgow Central Station, this beautifully equipped dungeon is owned and run by the inimitable Mistress Lillith and features a prison cage, bondage bed, latex vac bed, and a full range of toys and implements, to name but a few.

Advance booking is strongly recommended, so contact me to discuss your session.

October 2016 London Tour Dates

I'm pleased to announce I will be in London and available for sessions from October 17th until October 19th inclusive. I will be based at Murder Mile Studios in Clapton, east London, and will be available for double sessions with Mistress Morrigan and Master Dominic.

Contact me on 07929787988 to arrange bookings.

Another Review

Here's a review I received from slave S, who I have been seeing for a few years for judicial caning sessions. I have copied and pasted it directly from his email, so rest assured that the grammar mistakes are his and his alone (and they will be dealt with next time I see him!).

Be careful what you wish for.........when Sophia has her next victim tightly secured to her punishment bench there is no escape from her sadistic presence.

The victims nervousness increases as she slowly puts on her leather gloves and takes the judicial cane from in front of the bench and swishes it through the air

the prisoner feels a light tap , then the cane swings back before landing with an exquisite 'crack', when a white hot line of pain sears across his buttocks

the mistress takes her time to lay each stroke exactly parallel with the last, using her full strength with great elegance and grace

For the prisoner the pain is intolerable, unbearable. at that moment the only things he thi…