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Edinburgh Caning Session Review

Two weeks ago the following question in a tweet from @maison dedebauche in Edinburgh intrigued me. " Do you dare to test her CP skills? After some investigation and thought I submitted an application and awaited a reply. I did not wait long and it was clear that we shared a passion .
This afternoon I am walking down a busy street full of cars and people all going somewhere. I imagine most of them are going home and they would assume the same of me. Except I am not going home. I am very close to my destination and when I arrive there I feel excited and somewhat apprehensive as I knock on the door. It is opened allowing me to enter and standing behind the door is a tall and very beautiful lady . For the first time ever I am in the presence of a Goddess! I can feel my heartbeat increase. I am familiar with my surroundings and walk further in to the room looking around to see if I can notice any changes since my last visit several months ago as nothing seems to stay the same here fo…


I am very happy to announce that I will be making a long awaited return to Scotland in just a couple of weeks' time.

Sessions will be available in Edinburgh on April 19th from Maison De Debauch, then on April 20th I will be in Glasgow and available for sessions from Abstrakt Me Studios. Both dungeons are centrally located and very well equipped for whatever perverse scenarios we dream up!

Sessions are limited to the advertised days ONLY, and as always, a deposit will be required to secure your booking.

For all enquiries and to book your session, contact me via my website.