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Testimonial From slave CD

I just came cross this testimonial from slave CD about our session in December last year! Enjoy...
"I do not belong to the fetish 'scene', nor do I consider myself a weirdo, but now and again I just love the thrill, and rush of being whipped by a beautiful mistress.
After contacting the mistress who I session with, I was really disappointed that our timings didn't match, and I simply could not get in to see her. Reluctantly, I began searching for a new venue and mistress. I gingerly emailed a couple and waited to see if they could fit me in. Whilst I was waiting for a response, I came across the website of Goddess Sophia. The website was very professional, she sessioned from an absolutely stunning dungeon and was herself absolutely stunning in her gallery photos. Mistress Sophia got back to me very quickly with news that the dungeon in question was booked out all day, the only day I could make a session. However, Mistress Sophia informed me that she could actually meet…

Next London Dates Announcement

I am once again boarding the train and heading south to London where I will spend a few glorious days holed up in a dungeon sessioning with all you southern subbies!
I arrive mid-afternoon on Thursday 28th September, and am available until Tuesday 3rd October. I am available for sessions every day from 11am to 11pm (some flexibility with start/end times) and will be available for sessions in Walthamstow and Swiss Cottage, depending on availability of the premises and my whereabouts on the day.
Those of you who have sessioned with me before (and those of you who follow me on social media but haven’t yet plucked up the courage to attend a real time session 😉) will know about my passion and talent for all things CP - spanking, caning, whipping, etc. - I love it all and am always delighted to indulge in my passion with old and new subs alike.
Strap-on play is also a particular favourite, and I have been a lot busier with strap-on sessions since I joined Goddess Cleo and the rest of the …

£80 Caning Special Now PERMANENT

Over the course of my years on the scene I have built a reputation as an expert with the cane, and it is definitely something I have a lot of passion and talent for. My canings are hard (within your limits, which I will enjoy pushing - just a little bit!) and very accurate. You will leave my premises with a set of perfectly parallel lines across your throbbing buttocks with no stray whacks to your legs or back (which is always protected with a pad, just in case).

I have a formidable collection of canes from thin, whippy, junior dragon canes all the way up to prison specification Singapore canes. I also have a few more unusual canes made from materials such as delrin, and a cane made out of three canes bound together in a sleeve.

At the beginning of August I ran a promotion for a week offering a reduced rate on caning sessions so I could indulge in one of my favourite activities as much as possible over my birthday. It proved so popular I have decided to make it permanent: …