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Testimonial - A Painful Lesson

"As a submissive it is a great honour to be able to state that I am one of Goddess Sophia’s regular Northern devotees however as I travelled to Harrogate one late Wednesday afternoon I knew that this privilege could easily be taken away from me.  
Due to a recent unfortunate event whereas I had failed to communicate honestly with Mistress with regards to an issue that only existed within my own head, I had stupidly managed to cause Mistress a little upset. Fortunately I do have enough intelligence to realise Goddess Sophia is without doubt the most wonderful dominatrix I have ever had the pleasure of serving.  My only option to continue as one of Goddess Sophia’s devoted subs was to face the reality and consequence of my recent actions, the unfortunate actions that were brought upon by no other than myself. 
After presenting my pre session gift to Mistress, which did not result in any leniency, I soon found myself kneeling in the playroom with my hands restrained behind my back wit…