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My "Weekly" Post..!

Needless to say, my plans to update this blog weekly have fallen by the wayside! My problem is that by the end of each week, I've done so many things I struggle to choose which ones to tell you about, then inevitably get a little overwhelmed and decide a G&T would be a far better plan. I think I may have to stick to shorter updates to counter this. I do tend to write short novels once I get going when really a paragraph or two will do!

Those of you that follow my Twitter will have seen that I have had an awful few weeks (or couple of months, really), though as I am rather suspicious of posting too many personal things online I am really only saying this so that you all know I have not vanished from the scene and I am now back in the saddle (literally and figuratively) and taking bookings for sessions again.

So, to summarise, those of you who are local to Yorkshire can once again contact me to arrange sessions either at the Leeds Chambers or at a domestic setting in Harrogate. …