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A Very Fetish Yorkshire Christmas!

I've certainly had a busy few weeks (months?!), and as a result my blog has fallen by the wayside somewhat!  Rest assured there have been lots of morally questionable activities going on at my dungeon (and elsewhere!), which I will tell you all about in due course!  I've been riding lots, caning lots, fucking lots (obviously as the fucker rather than the fuckee!), and generally enjoying life as a dominant woman in 2014.

This week is my last in London until at least after Christmas, and possibly the new year; I haven't decided exactly when I'll be returning yet but any London subs who are hoping to session before the end of the year - you have until Thursday 18th!  On Friday 19th I will catch the train up to Leeds where I will have a few hours to soak in the bathtub and generally pamper myself in readiness for Mistress Davina's Christmas party that evening which I am looking forward to so much!  I will then remain in Yorkshire until the mood takes me to return to Lo…