A Girly Night In

I always intended to use this blog to write about what I get up to in my sessions every week, and of late it has been almost completely neglected save to post my tour dates as and when I have them. Therefore, I am going to endeavour to pick one session each week to blog about. Here's the one I've chosen for this week.

On Saturday afternoon I received a call from a sub I had had a brief email exchange with, asking if I was available for a five hour session that evening. By an absolute miracle, I did actually have a rare Saturday night with no plans and the Leeds chamber was also not booked out. The odds of those two things happening simultaneously are very slim indeed! I packed my bags and set off to the dungeon.

It was the perfect session for a Saturday night, when my sub arrived we had a glass of champagne and a chat, and then it was time to get ready for the fun ahead. I selected a uniform in gorgeous stretch satin with lace up detail on the front and a big bow on the back for my maid for the evening to wear, along with black frilly knickers and white fishnet stockings, then carefully applied full make up and chose a long flowing wig and shiny red stilettos to complete the look. She was ready.

We went through to the upstairs playroom and my new maid had barely had chance to refill my champagne glass when she suddenly lost the ability to address me properly! First day on the job nerves are no excuse for poor performance so it was knickers down and straight onto the spanking bench for her and I spanked her bottom soundly.

After all that exertion I was in the mood for a sit down, so I ordered my maid to massage my feet while I had a drink and a moment's relaxation. Her foot massage technique wasn't bad, but there was plenty of room for improvement which we will be working on over the coming weeks and months. She did seem to be almost constantly distracted by her desire to kiss and worship my beautiful feet, and once I had spotted this I took great delight in denying her permission to do so!

Once I was feeling suitably rejuvenated I had her back over the bench for another spanking, and as I was doing so I told her to guess why she was being spanked. Again and again she guessed wrong, each time saying something that she had got wrong in the previous hour. I kept telling her she was incorrect, then gave her a clue that maybe it wasn't all about her! She still didn't cotton on so in the end I was forced to enlighten her; she was being spanked because I enjoy it! You don't always have to get something wrong to end up with a red bottom in my presence! Of course this illustrates a problem so many subs have, especially new ones; their focus is far too much on themselves!

Spanking over, I thought it time to put that beautifully lipsticked mouth of hers to work and ordered her to kneel while I strapped on my trusty dildo. I barely had time to finish my command before the little slut was hungrily sucking on Mistress' cock. She has obviously had a lot of practice because her technique and enthusiasm for the job were excellent. I kept her down there for a good 15 minutes and she was as energetic at the end as she was at the beginning - very promising indeed. Here she is hard at work:

After seeing how well she could suck Mistress' cock, of course I had to see how well she could handle being fucked by me! Her lack of experience showed here and I found her to be decidedly less 'accommodating' in this department, despite changing to a smaller dildo. That said, she took it with the same enthusiasm she had shown when sucking it, and did not ask me to stop before I was satisfied. When I asked her afterwards how she found it, she said that it had been painful but fantastic. I have high hopes indeed for this one!

After taking my cock so well in both orifices I decided that my newly broken in maid had earned a reward so I had her serve me another drink and then allowed her to kiss my feet and after a while, my legs, but only up to the knee. She later said that was the greatest torture of the whole evening! Of course by this point I had had rather a lot of champagne to drink and needed to use the bathroom. This seemed the perfect opportunity to really put my maid to good use so I had her lie in the bath and I covered her in my golden champagne.

That brought the evening to a close and I got in a taxi home and collapsed into bed a very happy Mistress.

Until next time...



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