Mistress' Birthday Is Coming Up Soon! Tour Dates And More.

It is my birthday on August 15th, and I will be spending the day in London where I will be offering special discounted caning sessions from a chamber two minutes from Holloway Road tube station before I go out in the evening. The sessions will start at 10am and last appointment will be at 5pm sharp.

These sessions will be priced at £100 for the hour, and are purely for me to indulge my love of caning on my birthday. You will arrive, and after a brief chat about your experience and limits, you will be bent over the spanking bench and caned until either your time is up or you beg for mercy.

Terms and conditions: Role play, requests for special outfits, and any BDSM activity other than caning are not included. To receive the discounted rate, you must pay for your session in full, upfront. This can be done either by bank transfer, cash in at the bank branch, or Circle Pay* and I will give you the relevant details when you book. There will be no refunds in the event of a cancellation.

If you wish to book one of these sessions, contact me directly by phone or email.

I have also been asked several times about what gifts I would like to receive for my birthday, the answers to this are below:

Sponsor Mistress' ticket to London: My first class ticket from Harrogate to London cost £295.50. I don't expect to travel any other way, especially on my birthday. I will be very grateful to whomever reimburses me for this expense, either by Circle Pay* or directly into my bank account (contact me directly for my bank details if you don't already have them).

Contributions towards a new saddle for my horse: I would love to buy a new saddle for my horse for my birthday, which will cost in the region of £1000, and I will be extremely appreciative of all contributions towards this. As before these contributions can be sent by Circle Pay* or directly into my bank account.

Amazon gift cards / wishlist: If you would prefer to send an Amazon gift card for me to spend as a I choose, the email address to send it to is goddess@goddess-sophia.co.uk. Alternatively, my Amazon wishlist can be found here.

Buy Mistress a cocktail: I will be spending the evening of my birthday in a fabulous cocktail bar, and if you would like to buy me a drink to enjoy, send the cost of a cocktail (between £12 and £45 each at the venue I have chosen) to me via Circle Pay* or bank transfer.

If you send me anything, don't forget to include a note or send me a text or email to let me know what you have sent and include your preferred name or Twitter handle so I can thank you.

*Circle Pay is my preferred method of receiving monetary gifts and tributes. You download the app to your phone, then it only takes a couple of minutes to set up and is completely free. You can then send payments to me using my mobile number: 07929787988


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