Testimonial From slave S

A very happy submissive devoted to the beautiful Goddess Sophia
I have been visiting Goddess Sophia upon a regular basis for the last 7 months and I can honestly state that I have never enjoyed my submission as much as I have over this period of time.
I have had a fragmented journey of submission over the previous 20 years, fragmented due to several bad experiences with not so professional dommes. Admittedly I have had many good experiences with pro dommes over the years, pro dommes whom I still have respect for but none as special as Goddess Sophia.
Goddess Sophia is undoubtedly an extremely talented and highly professional dominatrix, she has very high standards, is demanding and can be both strict and firm when delivering chastisement. Goddess can also be considerate and caring towards her minions but only with the proviso that you do show her the respect she so richly deserves.
There has never been a dull moment during any of our sessions, Goddess is imaginative and if you do prefer to experience different elements of BDSM Goddess can vary the session accordingly. Goddess does take note of your preferences, likes, dislikes and is very good at putting a nervous sub at ease, I was very nervous upon our first ever meeting and I still get nervous even now but she does have a very calming presence. 
I visit Goddess Sophia at her Harrogate premises, it’s located in a nice safe area and is equipped with a healthy array of BDSM toys and equipment, along with a more than adequate selection of implements to cater for corporal punishment.
Goddess Sophia excels in administering anything from a light spanking up to more severe corporal punishment. I was never a particular lover of the cane but since meeting Goddess Sophia, the formal canings have become one of my favourite activities. I strongly believe the way a caning is administered makes all the difference to the recipient’s experience of a caning and Goddess Sophia is a highly experienced and talented practitioner.
It has been such fun and a pleasure over the last 7 months to experience varying aspects of BDSM from bondage, cock and ball torture, nipple torture through to corporal punishment and various imaginative wicked games all in the very capable hands of Goddess Sophia.
Before our most recent session I was ordered to pick up some replacement lamps before my arrival, I am sometimes given chores by Goddess however they are not as much chores as a pleasure. Goddess Sophia prefers not to involve herself in remedial tasks that are much more suited to her inferior minions.   
During the session I was introduced to servitude whereas I spent part of the session upon my knees, locked in heavy chains with a humbler fitted onto my balls so as I could not stand without a degree of discomfort. I found myself, replacing lamps, cleaning Goddess Sophia’s horse riding boots, making tea, preparing her fruit and all these tasks were carried out with the restriction of the heavy chains locked around my neck and wrists. I was very lucky to share some of Goddess Sophia’s fruit, although it had been pre-chewed and served in a dog bowl it was so very kind of her, Goddess Sophia’s training has taught me to always show appreciation. I spent the remainder of the session mummified in bondage, gagged, hooded with a remote control shock collar fitted to my genitals and also the pleasure of having my nipples tortured with suction cups and the heels of Goddess Sophia’s boots.
Goddess Sophia is both kind and considerate, before arriving for the session I did text Goddess to state that I’d had a particularly bad night’s sleep and wasn’t at all feeling myself, for this I did escape an overdue caning. There was also a moment during the session whereas I’d forgotten my place and made the basic error of communicating with Goddess face to face as opposed to I been upon my knees, I can only think it was Goddess Sophia’s kind consideration that allowed me to escape what should have resulted in an additional punishment.  
Goddess Sophia is extremely professional, highly intelligent, elegant and beautiful, a physically strong lady that sets an example of health and fitness to all whom may want to improve their own wellbeing. Although Goddess can sometimes push my limits a little, she has never compromised my wellbeing during a session, she reads my mind as easy as reading a book and knows just how hard to push. Out of session Goddess Sophia regularly reminds me that she has little use for a poorly or unhealthy submissive and kindly advises and monitors my diet and exercise so as I can continue to be of use to her. 
I do try to show my appreciation by treating Goddess Sophia whenever I can afford to do so and to further demonstrate my appreciation I shall remain loyal to Goddess Sophia whilst ever she allows me to do so.  I would not wish to session with any professional dominatrix other than Goddess Sophia she has brought me so much happiness in my submission towards her.

A dedicated submissive of Goddess Sophia.


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