Homework from sub Glen

I recently saw Glen for a much needed disciplinary caning during a visit to London. Afterwards, I set him homework which was to submit a write-up of the session. For once, he completed it. The first version arrived with typos (careless, and he will be duly punished for his sloppy work) but finally he handed in some properly checked work. Here is is:

An appointment with the Headmistress

I have visited many professional disciplinarians around the south of England over the last twenty years, and I have a small selection of favourites (all well-known names) to whom I regularly return.  Most I now consider to be friends.  My particular interest is in authentic school punishments, administered realistically and painfully by a harsh Headmistress.  I am perpetually trying to recreate the nervous anticipation, the na├»ve bravado, and the fear that accompanied real experiences in the Head’s study during my schooldays.

Occasionally I come across somebody offering such services that I haven’t tried, and sometimes by choice, or through curiosity or circumstance, I decide to arrange a session with a ‘new’ (to me) headmistress.  As part of that process I do as much research as possible – sounding out friends in the scene, looking for video clips, checking websites etc – building up as big a picture as possible of the person, before sending details of my experience, limits, aspirations and suggestions for the session.

This week, aching to be beaten, I was looking for someone to visit but without much success.  I was vaguely aware of Goddess Sophia, and her adverts for no-nonsense caning in Harrogate.  I sent off an enquiry about her occasional visits to London, and she quickly responded saying she was in London this weekend and had some availability.  We arranged a time and date, and she was open minded and flexible during our discussions.  She sounded like she would positively enjoy caning me … and that is always a great sign.

Over the next day or two I bought a couple of her clips, trawled through her twitter and generally behaved in a stalking-like way.  I was happy with what I saw, but not blown away.  The material seemed fine, but hadn’t really raised my expectations.  I sent her details of my experience, limits and aspirations, and some suggestions for a Headmistress/pupil style scenario.

The day came, and I got a brief message saying my suggestions were all good, and we would be able to start the session in role immediately on my arrival – something that can be tricky, but that I particularly like to do.  She was very helpful with questions I had about getting to the place.  As I travelled to meet her there was a short, but evocative exchange of texts and tweets between student and Head which generated some butterflies.  It had started!

I finally arrived and when Sophia opened the door I was staggered by her appearance.  This person far exceeded my expectations.  Standing taller than me in her heels, slim but strong, dressed smartly and professionally, she had the most piercing eyes and the most convincing Headmistress demeanour.  As good as any I have experienced before.  The session started properly at that point – the greeting was that of an angry Headmistress addressing a student who was 30 minutes later and didn’t seem to care.  Total immersion into the scenario was immediate, and convincing.

Sophia had read and understood my situation expertly, and the session (not running to a script, but within a planned framework) was cleverly setup to allow both of us to feel it out and develop it at an appropriate place.  The punishments were beautifully judged, and I was soon struggling to take them (exactly as I had requested).  The characterisation was magnificent, and I was in awe (and love). 
Sophia is not just personable, attractive and intelligent, but is genuinely expert at running sessions and reading her subjects.  She is totally in control, but perpetually reading the signs, and offering opportunities to communicate tacitly, totally within the flow of the session.  There were plenty of instructions I could subtly try to subvert (which I did, and which had very painful consequences).  She read the tone of my voice, recognising and responding to the merest hints of insincerity, sarcasm or insolence.

Eventually, after many poor attempts (and additional punishments), I apologised for my behaviour in a way that she deemed acceptable, and I was discharged.  I almost fell into her arms, in a hazy glow of well-being and exhaustion.  We sat and chatted for a while, as I gradually eased back into some degree of normality, and I found myself asking for just a little bit more – just a final six of the (absolute) best, to see me on my way.

Throughout the rest of the afternoon I replayed the session in my mind.  It had been so rich.  It felt like it had lasted forever, and I kept remembering small additional details that had me smiling for hours.  Through Sophia’s skill I’d found a deeper place in my head, closer to the root of my fantasies, and this brought me profound sense of relief and calm that I have not felt for a while.

Sophia is truly a star – a gem in this CP world.  I cannot recommend her highly enough, despite my early indifference.  A rare combination of beauty and intelligence, of wonderful insight and sensitivity, of total domination, and with the capacity and skill to administer a range of punishments right to the limit, and just far enough beyond.  To have achieved a session like this on first meeting, going straight into the scenario in role, and not to have succumbed to any of the risks is testament to this lady’s exceptional skill.

It was an amazing session – much more than I had dreamed of.  I hope to visit her many more times, and to be taken even deeper into my fantasies.  She has definitely joined my ‘elite’ list …


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