A Rant

Once again life has got very much in the way of my blog! I know a lot of you have been anxiously checking back for the latest updates and have been rewarded with nothing, but as that is exactly how it works in an ideal world of Female Supremacy, I will not apologise. I will, however, be updating this blog once per week (more or less!) from now on, as I do enjoy writing about my life, and I know you enjoy reading about it!

Needless to say, there have been a lot of developments in my world since my last post all those months ago, and I will detail a few of them in upcoming posts, but I received a phone call earlier this week from what professed to be a submissive man which sufficiently annoyed me that it has been playing on my mind since, and has spurred me on to resurrect my blogging habits and in the process hopefully provide the unfortunate few of you who share this scrote's mindset with some much needed education.

A few nights ago I was relaxing on my sofa with a gin and tonic when my phone rang. The conversation started out well enough with some enquiries about the possibility of attending a foot worship session. So far so good. Unfortunately this was not to last, and the next line of questioning was whether of not I "do cuddling an' all that". Now, I am more than happy to allow my subordinates to cuddle my legs, from the knee down, as part of their worship. I find that quite frequently whilst sucking upon my toes, my serfs are overcome with emotion and need to spend a few minutes clinging to my shapely calves and quivering with devotion. I must say that I enjoy these little outbursts of adoration, and might even stroke the top of their head while they compose themselves. Similarly, after a particularly intense session, many subs are very much in need of a hug to help them re-centre themselves as they come out of subspace and prepare to re-enter the real world. In these situations, I am very happy to offer a hug, or allow my legs to be cuddled, and I told him so much. His next utterance (with barely concealed disgruntlement) was:

"But I can finish on your feet though, yeah?"

At this point I became cross, informed him curtly that no, he could not finish on my feet, and ended the call. Needless to say, there were several things that vexed me about this; his unwarranted sense of entitlement for one, but in the interests of writing a blog post and not a novel, I will stick to my main issue, which is: What is going on in that tiny little brain of yours that makes you think that worshipping something and ejaculating all over it are the same thing?!  Would you go into a church and empty your balls all over the altar?  Or queue up to your favourite author's book signing and ask them to rub one out all over the title page in lieu of a signature?  Or jizz all over your mum's Christmas dining table as a mark of your appreciation of her culinary prowess?  No, you pathetic little toe rag, you would not.  So what makes you think that you can kneel at the foot of my throne, kiss each perfect red-tipped toe upon my porcelain feet, and then furiously masturbate all over them?

I am sorry to say that this is not an isolated incident - I have been asked this before, though usually not in such a rude and presumptuous manner, and I see an awful lot of "FemDom" clips, the culmination of which is the slave ejaculating over the Mistress' boots. My question is, what does the woman get out of this?  I'll tell you what; a sticky pair of boots which now have cum in the stitching which you will never be completely sure is 100% out. Cumming over the feet or footwear of a woman is not for her amusement, enjoyment, or convenience, and therefore it has no place in a FemDom environment.  It comes from (pun intended) the same place as the ubiquitous cum shot in mainstream porn, where the male performer, after 30 minutes or so of enthusiastically ramming his dick into each of the woman's orifices, stands over her and jerks off into her face.  This isn't a condemnation of mainstream porn (that's a whole other rant!), rather my point is that this has no place in neither a FemDom session nor the mind of a submissive male.

Come over your own feet, then endure my mocking laughter as you lick up every last drop.  Or even better, come into your own expectant face and open mouth.  Maybe I'll even spit on you while you do.



  1. That's the way to do it. As your maid - I would be expected to clean that lot up. Not good at all. Nice one Goddess. Tress.

    1. Indeed you would, Tress. See? Mistress looks out for you as well.


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