Edinburgh Caning Session Review

Two weeks ago the following question in a tweet from @maison dedebauche in Edinburgh intrigued me. " Do you dare to test her CP skills? After some investigation and thought I submitted an application and awaited a reply. I did not wait long and it was clear that we shared a passion .

This afternoon I am walking down a busy street full of cars and people all going somewhere. I imagine most of them are going home and they would assume the same of me. Except I am not going home. I am very close to my destination and when I arrive there I feel excited and somewhat apprehensive as I knock on the door. It is opened allowing me to enter and standing behind the door is a tall and very beautiful lady . For the first time ever I am in the presence of a Goddess! I can feel my heartbeat increase. I am familiar with my surroundings and walk further in to the room looking around to see if I can notice any changes since my last visit several months ago as nothing seems to stay the same here for long.

Despite my experience it is rare for me to meet with a new Mistress. Goddess Sophia puts me at ease with her down to earth manner and within a few minutes we are ready to commence.

I knew from my enquiries that Sophia was a very strict disciplinarian with a particular passion for caning mercilessly. Over the next hour I was going to find out whether I should have answered yes to the question that intrigued me. She was going to cane from cold and  I could not be certain that I would be able to take caning from her for that long.

The bench was brand new and I was the first victim to be restrained over it. The smell of new leather was evident as I adjusted my position and allowed myself to be restrained by the various straps including a head restraint. Once restrained I waited while Sophia selected the first cane. She had brought some of her own including a Singapore cane. She told me she had exactly the same bench in her own chambers so I knew she would not need to make any adjustments to her usual stance.

There was real bite to the first stroke and it was quickly followed by the remaining five of the first set of six. It was immediately apparent that Sophia was very accurate with all the strokes landing in the same area. Further sets of six followed and it was not long before Sophia told me there was the first sign of some bleeding. By this time she had used a different cane but the speed of delivery and the accuracy remained the same. I find it difficult in the early stages of a caning from cold to cope with the pain and today it seemed to be taking the endorphins some time to come to my assistance. Sets of six become sets of twelve and it is not long before Sophia happily tells me that there is an  area of skin missing now from my right buttock! I do not keep count so have no idea how many it took her.

I become aware of Sophia holding a very thick cane and telling me this is the Singapore cane. I know that I am not even halfway. and she is about to beat me with a cane the diameter of a decent stick! She tells me I will be given a set of six. The first stroke is a bit of a shock. It literally sends a shock wave through my buttocks and my first thought is that I will be heavily bruised. The remaining five strokes follow quickly . There is no flex in the cane at all . A further two sets of six follow with the same result as the first stroke. I am glad when she puts it down.

She quickly returns to a thinner cane a starts to lay the stokes on harder and again in sets of twelve. I am in the zone now and suspect she is as well. Every stroke is accurate and the pain builds as the strokes keep coming. In due course the sets are increased to eighteen strokes and just keep coming. I lose myself in the music that is playing Sophia asks me if I want to continue and without hesitation I agree. Although I do not keep a running total of strokes I know when eighteen has been reached and on this set she keeps going. After twenty four strokes I get a little respite before the next set. I know there are four such sets which gives some idea of the number of strokes I have take so far.I do not want her to stop but she decides I have taken enough for a first session. I ask her what level she has caned me at and am told seven out of ten. I request six of the best to give me an idea of how hard she can cane and she readily obliges and follows the first six with two further sets of six. I am flying now and could continue but agree that we should call a halt for today.

If the opportunity arises I will session again, and next time I want to take a nine out of ten level caning. I believe I can session at that level with Sophia. Ten out of ten may be another story!


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