Testimonial - A Painful Lesson

"As a submissive it is a great honour to be able to state that I am one of Goddess Sophia’s regular Northern devotees however as I travelled to Harrogate one late Wednesday afternoon I knew that this privilege could easily be taken away from me.  

Due to a recent unfortunate event whereas I had failed to communicate honestly with Mistress with regards to an issue that only existed within my own head, I had stupidly managed to cause Mistress a little upset. Fortunately I do have enough intelligence to realise Goddess Sophia is without doubt the most wonderful dominatrix I have ever had the pleasure of serving.  My only option to continue as one of Goddess Sophia’s devoted subs was to face the reality and consequence of my recent actions, the unfortunate actions that were brought upon by no other than myself. 

After presenting my pre session gift to Mistress, which did not result in any leniency, I soon found myself kneeling in the playroom with my hands restrained behind my back with heavy duty plastic cable ties. Mistress was looking as stunningly beautiful as always, dressed in formal attire, a fitted blouse, fitted skirt and heels. As Mistress sat upon her throne I had to advert my eyes from the high split in her skirt revealing her stocking top, I desperately wanted to avoid getting myself into any further trouble. As I knelt at Goddess Sophia’s feet, Mistress questioned my recent behaviour in a very direct manner and without once raising her voice she very firmly reprimanded me and made it very clear that I am to communicate with Mistress honestly at all times. Mistress was also clear that my actions will, fortunately for me, not result in dismissal however I was to be punished and the punishment would be a caning.

I have been caned by Goddess Sophia several times before today and Mistress does cane relatively hard however this caning was to be at a different level than I have previously experienced. I soon became worried when I was been strapped to the punishment bench and Mistress made use of the head restraint which she has never used on me before now and more worried when I was informed the caning would be administered from cold because I did not deserve the luxury of a warm up. The caning was to be delivered in a formal manner, sets of six with a short break between each set, Mistress did not want to hear any sound from me other than the count of each stroke followed by a “thank you Mistress”. 

I could honestly say after only the first 6 strokes of possibly the hardest caning I have experienced I would never have imagined been able to endure all 60 strokes. The first 30 strokes of the cane I found to be excruciatingly painful although I did settle a little for the majority of the remaining strokes but the last 6 strokes were just as excruciatingly painful as the first 30 strokes. Goddess Sophia is a highly skilled practitioner of delivering a caning, every stroke hits with precision and accuracy, each stroke perfectly parallel. 

The caning was not to be my only punishment, following the caning I found myself laid upon the bondage bench with heavy duty cable ties fastening my wrists and ankles to the sides of the bench. A Perspex ball crusher was fitted, the ball crusher was gradually tightened, in between short periods of time to allow my unfortunate balls to adapt to the pain. Thai pain sticks were attached to my nipples, the pain sticks are possibly the cruellest device used for nipple torture that I have experienced. Mistress then proceeded to further punish me with her delightful evil stick, the evil stick been a long and thin nylon stick, the punishment was delivered upon my male appendage, nipples and Mistress managed to find a gap between the Perspex plates to further punish my balls. There was one particular moment when Mistress caught me a perfect shot with the evil stick upon my male appendage and at that moment I unconsciously referred to Mistress as a cow bag. Mistress immediately ordered me to repeat what I had just said, the cow bag comment cost me dearly and brought me such an onslaught of punishment that I was almost crying. Mistress left the play room and kindly allowed me time to recover from the onslaught. Upon Mistress’s return my male appendage was further beaten with her riding crop and cane, the Thai pain sticks were removed which caused me much pain before a pin wheel was used upon my already sore and sensitive nipples. 

Mistress pulled up a chair and sat at the side of her battered and bruised sub and as she calmly lectured me she used my mouth as her ashtray. I thought my punishment was over however as one final cruel punishment Mistress’s cigarette was used to further torture my male appendage.

Although I had just experience the cruellest session that I’d ever experienced I was so happy, all the swelling and bruising should heal within several weeks. If Goddess Sophia had taken the alternative option of dismissing me, it would have hurt me intensely and for much longer than several weeks.

Before I left Goddess Sophia’s playroom my unfortunate battered and swollen appendage was fitted with a CB6000 chastity device, the chastity device was locked with a 4 digit combination padlock for which only Goddess Sophia has the unlock combination.

Although this session was possibly one of the most painful sessions I have experienced I would have to admit it was also one of the most enjoyable sessions, Goddess Sophia excelled once again and hit all the correct buttons but just a little harder. I found the session to be very satisfying, releasing all my tension and stresses, it’s now been 5 days and I am still smiling. 

Goddess Sophia has kindly placed video clips of my punishment upon her OnlyFans site, if in future I ever feel any doubt or hesitation in communicating with Goddess with honesty then all I need do is refer to the video clips as a reminder that I must communicate both honestly and correctly.

Thank You Goddess for the most wonderful of sessions."

Here is a picture of this unfortunate sub's buttocks once the caning part of his punishment was complete. To view footage of the caning being administered, visit my OnlyFans page.


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